KKDF is extremely honoured to brief the achievements from the day of its existence.

It has changed lives of many people through martial arts and has been cause of success tothem. As it disciplines, keeps physically fit, keeps mentally strong.


    • KKDF has held many tournamentslike district level, state level and also national level. KKDF team has also provided campaign and tour opportunity to the children.
    • More than 24000 students are being trained in more than four states.
    • In Navsari district more than 1000 girls are being trained as “Mahila Suraksha” which is Government of Gujarat recognized.
    • More than 300 students from KKDF team participated in the programme “Run ForUnity” held in Navsari
    • We (KKDF KARATE CLASSES) triumphantly state that our brave child HiralJitubhaiHalpati of Shri V.V.P.PVidyalayaSchool Kasbapar, Navsari is honoured National Bravery Award by honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi.
    • Shri NanubhaiBhagvanbhaiVanani Minister (Sports, Youth Cultural Activities) Education (Primary, Secondary and Adult)
    • Shri RanjeethkumarJ. (I.A.S.) Collector & Dist. Magistrate, Dist. Tapi.
    • Smt. Remya Mohan (I.A.S.) Collector & Dist. Magistrate, Dist. Navsari.
    • Dr. Hemant D.Naik.(PRINCIPAL) Mr. A. Selavam (KKDF President )

Guest Of Honour who have attended our events are as follows